Obitumentaries and heroes


Obitumentaries and heroes

The other night I was listening to a radio obitumentary about Glenn Frey and the Eagles.  It was very interesting, but I found myself thinking about our obsession with the musical heroes of our past.  It is natural for us to have a special attachment to the music we listened to when we were teens and young adults, because, well, because that’s the way the brain works.  We were (more) emotional and impressionable and that music quite literally imprints itself on our brains and souls.


What is not natural is for us to stop listening to new music; to stop finding new musical heroes.  I believe there is nothing intrinsically better about the music of our youth compared to “today’s music”, any more than our parents’ music was superior to ours.  Well, maybe Duke Ellington.  We decry beat-making and Auto-Tune the way our parents decried synthesizers and drum machines.


So let’s learn to accept that music should and must be constantly evolving and reinventing itself, and listen with open ears and hearts to the music being created today.  Best of all, we should be going out to clubs and halls and listening to current music being played live.  Very best of all we should be singing and playing together. Let us embrace new heroes.  We can be heroes, just for one day.

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