Remember the Kate Bush song and video “Cloudbusting” from 1985.  The video features Donald Sutherland as a scientist who builds a rain-making machine, and Kate as her son.  The authorities take the scientist away from the machine and the son.  I was reading the Uncut magazine feature on Kate, and was surprised to learn that it was based on the true story of Wilhelm Reich, who was imprisoned in the US for his promotion of ‘Orgone accumulators’ and the cloud busting device.

About a week later, my partner Liz introduced me to Characterology, a system of character reading with 5 basic character types closely aligned with modern notions of needy, unwanted child , controller/psychopath, perfectionist and masochist,  Liz had studied this extensively when she was attending the IM School of Healing Arts in New York. Imagine my surprise to learn that this was by the same Wilhelm Reich, who had been a star pupil of Sigmund Freud.

There’s a very well-written and modern explanation of Reichian Characterology here:  When I say modern, I mean it includes recent notions such as epigenetics explored in the book “The Biology of Belief”, by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton.  Be sure and read the pages on the five different personality types.

Kate’s video is here

.  there’s a scene where she finds a book in Dad’s pocket – “A Book of Dreams,” by Peter Reich.  The video was directed by Terry Gilliam – former Python and director of Brazil, Time Bandits and more.

You can learn more about the video here:

You can learn more about Wilhem Reich and his thoughts on Wikipedia (of course)  and  and He believed in a sort of cosmic energy he called orgone energy.  This was supposed to fuel the cloudbusting device.  His interest in human sexuality and the orgasm helped spawn the sexual revolution, but also got him locked up by the Food and Drug Administration.

I won’t go into his beliefs about UFOs here.

His influence in pop culture is immense, including the role model for Barbarella’s Dr. Durand Durand, and the Orgasmatron in Woody Allen’s Sleeper.

When you start to peel the onion, you find many many layers and many unexpected connections.’s.html

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