Leadership is exhibited in the workplace, in the home and in volunteer organizations.

  • at Vancouver Train Expo, I started a brand new committee in 2013, and have breathed new life into the event by doubling the exhibit space, making the whole experience better and safer for handicapped people and parents with strollers/buggies, and created new features to appeal to children.  There is a public show, a NMRA meet featuring clinics, and tours and a banquet.  It’s now the biggest and best show in British Columbia.  When you manage a volunteer organization you have less levers than you do in the workplace.  People *have to* want to do their jobs.
  • I work as Crew Chief, SV Avanti II (Tartan 30). my tasks are to recruit, train, manage crew for PHRF racing in greater Vancouver.  The reward is the joy of racing on open water with the wind in my hair, to see the team feel the joy of accomplishment together.
  • I have led teams and workgroups with and without direct authority.  I have worked as a scrum master.  This agile methodology encourages a flat hierarchy and close cooperation within the team.