Mastering complex technology has been a driving force in my career.  I worked in one of the pioneering wireless data technologies, Mobitex, understanding the technology from mobile device to back-end server connectivity including management.  I taught courses in English and in German and did pre-sales support in North and South America, Asia, Germany and Austria.

I transitioned to CDMA2000 and UMTS technology with special focus on the service delivery network, including SMS, Unified Messaging, WAP gateway and the challenges of management and provisioning.

I ran a major location technology infrastructure including designing and building a global GPS satellite data receiving network, data processing and orbit and clock prediction services, and prediction data delivery to billions of mobile devices. This network also provided Network Time Protocol assistance to many millions of devices.    I created dashboards for management of these services and others, and devised unique graphical displays to simplify  high-density complex service quality information.  We were providing safety-of-life services so we supported a 99.999% SLA by running fully redundant data centres in Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC.  In order to increase scalability, we migrated certain services to the cloud, maintaining a high level of security and availability.